Omadu International (Private) Limited is an enterprise adamantly proud of its endless contributions and unwavering commitment towards the development of our small and yet beautiful country, the Maldives. Omadu strives to boost our already swiftly advancing nation by strengthening and securing its ties with the rest of the world. True enough, the firm continues to take advantage of the global economic phenomenon by squeezing the best deals for the Maldives. As one of the major established retail subsidiaries of the country already, it should come as no surprise that Omadu’s first priority is and always will be the utmost satisfaction of its growing customers and clientele. By connecting customers with the technological world, Omadu trusts that such an experience surely leads to pure commercial enlightenment for the company as well as the clientele. On a bright note, Omadu’s retail subsidiaries deliver an impressive selection of over 4,500 different products to customers in accordance with their personal preferences and choice.